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anonymous31894 , 11 Jan 2011

day 1

Last night I registered on here and began again no picking promise. I got through last night with distractions such as calling home(I'm a college student) and homework I had to do. I also covered my problem spots with my prescription acne medication benzoyl peroxide so I couldn't see them. I put post-it notes on my mirror to remind me why I don't want to do what I'm about to do, and I leave my mirror covered unless necessary. I took off my medication this morning using a medicated pad away from the mirror which dried it out a bit so I wouldn't be so tempted when I went to put my make up on. Tonight has been a big struggle and I have unfortunately picked though only at the existing areas I had and nowhere new. Now I am back on this website for support, my face is covered again and I will add new motivational post-it notes because I did find myself reading them first as I went into the mirror and they helped way more than I thought they would.
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January 11, 2011
Hello... I just wanted to be a voice to say "hang in there". Gosh, that sounds so utterly lame but it is all I could think to say at this time. I've never posted here or taken the steps to be a part of this forum. I saw this site about a year ago, read some posts and told myself I could handle it on my own, as I've done before. I was wrong. I commend you for taking steps towards kicking this habit. The post-its on the mirror was a terrific idea. I may have to borrow it. I've also done the trick with using medicine to cover one's face and blemishes so they can't be seen to pick at. My thought at the time was: for the amount of money I spent on these products, I needed to make the best of it and not waste it by destroying its good work. So, hang in there... whatever stress is plaguing you at this moment in time will come to pass.
January 12, 2011

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thanks..i was actually hoping at some point someone would respond and this was sooner than I thought so I could care less what the comment is. I saw this site a year ago too and thought the same exact thing about doing it on my own because I'm very proud in that way about all my problems. I still can't believe I joined, posted a topic, and now replying to comments, I just hope it helps me at some point because as of now I'm still struggling to go one day pick free. Good luck to you I'm glad to hear some of what I write in my posts might actually help someone!

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