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agnesuk , 30 Jul 2008

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Iv picked my fingers, my lips etc for 15 years now. im 22 and thinking about settling down and iv decided to beat this thing before i start a family. Iv been trying out a few of the tips on here, including leaving moisturiser in every room so when i get urge to pick i put it on. iv also started using those moisturiser gloves that i wear every nite so i cant pick, plus it helps my hands feel soft so idont pick them,. recently iv found that peel off face mask help. when ever im stressed and i want to pick i put the mask on (anywhere, doesnt really matter), and let it dry and i can peel/pick it off to my herats content, it reliefs the stress without hurting me. i think this goes back to primary school when i used to put glue on my hands then pick it off when it dired! anyway if anyone else has tried this let me know or if any one has any more suggestions

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