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mishl029 , 12 Jan 2011

Cutting your nails?

Hi, I'm 21 and have horrible skin on my face from picking. I also pick my breasts, back of my neck, scalp, shoulders, arms, back... my legs and feet have been victims as well but not as often. I used to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror with tweezers, kleenex and an extractor tool, but I threw those away in an attempt to avoid temptation. It has worked! I haven't been at the mirror for long periods of time to destroy my skin. BUT- I have still stood in front of the mirror and used my fingers and nails, but it has never been for as long and as bad as with the tools, because I have been trying to stop. My WORST habit is sitting in class or at work (or anywhere!!!) and feeling around my face, shoulders, neck and back for things to pick, spreading even more bacteria than I did when I used the sanitized tools and covered my fingers with kleenex! I'm constantly touching my face and irritating the already irritated blemishes and wounds there by picking with my nails. So, has anyone tried cutting their nails down so it is impossible to pick? I feel like I would still feel around for things, but then get frustrated when I couldn't pick at them and I would eventually stop trying. Has this worked for anyone else?
3 Answers
January 12, 2011
I frequently cut my fingernails in order to try to prevent from picking, however, you would be suprised at how much damage you can still do to your skin with short nails. If there is a will there is a way. Good luck!
January 13, 2011
I have to agree with the comment below. I always have my nails down to nothing and I still managed (just tonight) to remove quite a few scabs from my head and cause some bleeding. My fingers hurt slightly from how short my nails are and I still manage, unfortunately.
January 16, 2011
I cut my nails a few days ago and I think it does help. You can still pick with them, but not nearly as much.

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