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riabadia02 , 13 Jan 2011

Day 4 - this forum has greatly helped me so far!

So far so good. i have done a small amount of picking, but nothing that I sit and dwell over. This forum gives me hope and reminds me that i'm being held accountable for my actions. It has really opened up my eyes to that fact that i'm not alone and that in itself is a wonderful feeling. Good luck. If anyone out there is struggling and would like a friend or some advice feel free to respond.
4 Answers
January 14, 2011
Congratulations! Every little step of improvement is something to celebrate! I'm hoping the forum will help me too, its great to have this resource!
January 14, 2011

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I think this forum can help you if you make a point to log in each day to update us all on how you are doing. Reading the other posts has been helpful to me as well, I have now made this a part of my daily routine and try to think about it when I get urges to pick. You are not alone. Lets fight this together!
jelly baby
January 16, 2011
Yes, i agree - reading this forum regularly has helped me greatly too. I started reading it every morning and was going realy well,but then i got lazy and didnt come on for a few days...and guess what, i did a bit of picking tonight. Argh!!!

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