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Nightshade21 , 14 Jan 2011

I can do this....I hope?

My husband is encouraging me (also bribing me) to quit picking and I've been trying so hard to quit now for oh, about a year. I keep relapsing into the habit. I have an infection on my cuticle of my thumb currently and it is split so anytime I move my hand the wrong way it kills. I honestly wish the pain was enough to stop me. I'm going to attempt to quit though. Tomorrow will be day one of my new strategy. I would love any tips that you have if you'd like to share them. I have been looking at tips and tricks on the forum, and I have definitely been taking some of them. One thing I really want to do is this Make little reminder signs and place them in the places where I pick the most. I could also use some bookmarks. I want to place affirmations on them. What do you think? Anyone have any affirmations that have been helpful for them? Also, if you are interested in emailing me one on one or messaging on skype please let me know! I'd love to have access to people outside of the forum to help keep me accountable to someone. My husband is in Afghanistan at the moment and my daughter is to young to keep me accountable. I see her touching her head though, like she is trying to pick like mommy. I have to stop this before she learns this behavior...I can't stand the idea of teaching this to her... Anyway, I'm emailable at goneriding24_7 AT yahoo DOT com if you want to email me. Put something about skin picking in the title so I don't delete it as spam!

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