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riabadia02 , 15 Jan 2011

Cold Weather, Dry Skin.... GRRRR

Hello again, I'm now on day 6. It's been going very well so far. I have started to notice an overall difference in my entire life. I'm such a happier person when I don't pick. Today while getting ready for work I did ok with any major picking, but I still spent a long time in the bathroom picking at dry skin. I try to use lotion on my face everyday when I get out of the shower, but it doesn't always take care of all the dry skin.
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January 16, 2011
I know what you mean. My scalp isn't nearly as bad when it's not so dry out. I have been keeping my nails too short to pick, but there are still always these flakes the I can pull off with or without nails, and it's a lot harder to not pick when it's so obvious.

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