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Lynn23 , 16 Jan 2011

How do I stop?

I remember being a young girl in elementary standing on the soccer field and eating the skin around my nails during the soccer game. I guess I was nervous about playing and this was a way to relieve stress. Fast forward almost 15 years and I am 23 now and have not stopped. I am recently married and remember going wedding dress shopping and being absolutely terrified that a wound would open up while I was trying on white dresses! I made a promise to myself that I would have nice nails for my wedding and would stop picking in time to get a manicure a year ago. I didn't want blood stains on my beautiful dress. I managed to go the week before my wedding without very much damage done - I put neosporin on my fingers each night in hopes to help my wounds heal faster. After the wedding all was lost with my fingers and I am completely back to where I started from. Stress and driving really get me, when I see hanging skin on others fingers it drives me crazy to see that and I have to look away. I am truly a happy person and am content with my life, but I cant seem to stop. My fingers always hurt and I bite the inside of my lips too so those always hurt too. It feels good to get some of this out. Does anyone have any advice for me? Oh and there were no open finger wounds on my wedding day - so I have hope, but need help.

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