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riabadia02 , 16 Jan 2011

7 day mark!

Today is officially one week. It's had it's number of challenges, but I made it. Here's to day 21. Good luck all.
11 Answers
January 18, 2011

In reply to by Lynn23

at least you are being honest with yourself. Don't give up! A s long as you mentally realize you are picking you will slowly be able to lessen the amount and time you spend doing it, I know you can do it!
January 16, 2011
That's great - congratulations! I made it to 3 days but had a slip up today. Didn't do too much damage and managed to stop myself quite quickly so not getting too down about it. staring at day 1 again tomorrow. Good luck for your next 7 days!
January 17, 2011
My first time around on this challenge, I made it a week... Felt really proud of myself, it was a huge deal for me. Then I slipped up on day 7 exactly and was honest with myself so I started over. I'm going into day 5 of my second try and feeling pretty good about it. It's really tough with Keratosis Pilaris because it doesn't just go away, and that's what I am picking at. Not only am I working on letting my skin heal from picking, but I am trying to battle my KP at the same time to discourage picking in the first place. Oi! Feeling good about this though... Feeling determined. Thanks for sharing your day 7 note. Best wishes and keep healing.
January 18, 2011
awesome! and props for being honest with yourself. I sometimes avoid the little slips, but that always winds up snowballing and bitting me in the @** haha. Im trying for seven days starting tomorrow. Good luck with the KP, I can imagine that being really difficult. Keep the faith tho, we can do this!
January 18, 2011
On day 2 and I am afraid to take a shower - feeling tense this morning and going into the bathroom with that BIG MIRROR is making me hesitant. Ladies let me ask you this - I have dark hairs that grow on my jawline area and I use a mag mirrow to tweeze but many times this results in picking at my face. I have to tweeze, so how do I avoid the picking? One day at a time - wish me luck.
January 18, 2011

In reply to by gtilly19

So you have to be able to shower, but I totally know the feeling. Cover up the mirror unless you are getting ready for work or going out! Tweezing is a very difficult thing. I use tweezers more than an any other tool besides my fingers. You just have to be mentally aware of what you are doing and try to focus on what the goal at hand is. Good luck! It does get easier I promise.

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