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cea0039 , 17 Jan 2011

Should I Show My Psychiatrist My Hidden Pick Areas?

Hello. I have been seeing a psychiatrist for about 6 months now for CSP, anxiety and ADD. My pick spots are in places that are hidden by clothes (im VERY secretive...i dont even pick my face!) so my Psych. hasn't been able to witness any of the damage or healing. Has anyone in treatment found it beneficial to show their doctors their spots (healing, healed, or relapsed?)?? Im wondering if I knew I had to show my doctor my spots every time I saw her, if this would motivate me to make more progress (right now i am almost fully healed in my spot ive been working the hardest at to clear up). Im not very shy and wouldn't mind showing her my spots (breasts, pubic region, back of thighs), just didnt know how to bring it up or if anyone else shares this much with their psych! Im going in tomorrow so any responses would be awesome!
1 Answer
January 18, 2011
Hey, I had a psch and talked to her about picking but I couldnt hide it so well, I pick at my face. I would say that if you feel it would be beneficial to you and not cause you emotional distress/or cause you to pick more, and she is okay with it go for it. Someone who has deliberately shown their picking areas to a doc would probably have better advice, but i can tell you(in general/my experience) that every time I make it less hidden things get better. Good luck tomorrow!

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