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littlebeeps , 01 Aug 2008

Multiple CSP habits

I have been skin picking since I was very young, 6 or seven is when I seriously started biting my hails and the skin around my nails, and my habits have only multiplied since then. I feel as though I have almost every CSP problem. Here is the lsit of everything I do to myself: Nail biting Biting skin around nail Clipping skin off of big toes, eating the skin Picking scabs to prevent healing Eating the picked scabs Plucking my thicker hairs out of head and eating the hair root Squeezing dark hair follicles before they grow out of skin to pop out hair Plucking dark hairs on breasts Squeezing at areolas and creating open wounds Shaving/plucking pubic hair in order to ceate ingrown hairs and puss pockets to squeeze and then pick at. Squeezing black heads, pores, pimples on face obsessively Cheek biting Scratiching to create wounds I add onto what i do to myself when my other options run dry. For example, I didn't really start cheek biting until this year during a time when most of my major scabs were scarring up and giving me less to pick at. Mosgt of my scabs are in places where people don't look. I have many scars on my thighs, breasts and pubic region. Whenever I go to the bathroom I go through a picking cycle of the pubic region first, followed by the breasts. Then I stand in front of the mirror for at least 10 minutes and squeeze and pick at facial imperfecions. I pluck head hairs and cheek bite when I am bored and I cheek bite subconciously most of the time. I pluck out my thickest and coarsest head hairs and make sure I pull out the hair root as well. Then I strip the root off of the strand with my teeth and eat it. I also squeeze at the Glands of Montgomery on my areolas. I purposely shave my pubic hair against the grain because it causes irritation that I can pick at. I just found out about CSP about a week ago, and I am just now realizing the extent of my problems. I am 18 and this has been going on for most of my life. I really wat to stop, but at the same time I really have a desire to keep picking. I know it is bad, but if it didn't have any physical ramifications I would definitely pick forever because it is so satisfying and soothing to me.

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