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meg78910 , 20 Jan 2011


I just picked my chin sooo bad! i feel terrible every time i do it! I know nobody can see the blackheads but me, but i cant stop! i know tomorrow i'll wake up and the'll be big inflammed whiteheads. I still do it anyway,somebody please tell me how to stop this its so self destructive. i have no life, i never go anywhere because im so ashamed of my face. i know if i could only stop my life would be one million times better but i do it anyway. this makes no sense. my step dad just walked in while i was typing to tell me something, i had to put my hand over my chin so he couldnt see because its soo ugly. im so ashamed of myself and wish i was somebody else who had perfect skin!!!
5 Answers
January 20, 2011
Hun, i so relate and feel for you lots. Im in regret atm and its ruined my day. I do exactly what you do. My email is X
January 20, 2011
I understand you. Of course I do. Usually, I pick my arms and legs... The difficult part is when it's Summer. In Winter I'm covered with clothes, but when it's Summer (and I have to go to the beach - I'm from Portugal) I'm really ashamed. So big scars. And I'm regret, but I can't stop. Maybe one day (:
January 20, 2011
You have taken your first found this forum. I am now on Day 4 of the 21 Day Challenge. I find reading this forum every morning helps to motivate through another day. Different things work for different people but I am putting post it notes each day I acheive success on my bathroom mirrors. My wife is also posting inspirational messages on the mirror each day for me, very helpful too. She also suggested putting a time limit on my time in the bathroom and some people find they need to cover the mirrors all together. I am in the same boat as you, picking until a dig a big bloody hole in my face, leaving me scarred and an emotional wreak. Changing years of bad behavior isn't easy but you can do it!
January 20, 2011
Keep reading throught the posts on this forum and you'll see you're not alone in this Theres loads of treads with tips on stopping picking. It's not easy but I really believe it's possible to stop. I'm on day 3 of my second attempt at the 21 day challenge. I've got a magazine page on my mirror with a big photo of a girl with beautiful skin to remind me what I'm aspiring too. It is really helping as my desire to look like that is stronger than my desire to pick!! Also I'm using Liz Earle cleanse and polish cleanser. Using it is quite ritualistic and I think having this ritual involving my skin is in some way replacing the ritual of picking. Excersising and focussing on looking as good as possible also helps as if I am working out to make my body look good it doesn't make sense to then pick at my face. I know you say you're avoiding being sociable and hiding you the area you've picked from you're family and I know from experience this is completely instinctive. But do you have anyone you could confide in about this? Maybe being open with your family would help as you could get them involved in helping you stop. If you find it really hard to talk about you could get them to read this site. Sometimes opening up to someone stops you feeing so ashamed. If you don't feel that is an option see if posting on here helps. By choosing to tell someone and trying to give up you might be able to gain some sense of control. It sounds like you feel it is controlling you. I have often felt like that too, but since joining this forum and posting openly about what I'm going through I feel more in control.
January 25, 2011

In reply to by rachel_e

Making your skin care routine into something like a ritual sounds like a great idea! I am always switching between products and I don't think it helps at all. I still feel it controlling me sometimes. Ive been picking more lately. Sometimes I slow way down, usually when I am able to focus on progress Ive made, but its when I can't, and I all I see is scars that I break down. Ive been feeling really negative lately and down on myself for all the damage Ive caused, so I can definitely sympathize with anyone feeling regretful. Im trying to come here and write, even though I really don't want to today. I've been stuck in this depression where I don't want to do anything, accept watch T.V. and eat. Its connected to picking in that its an escape. Anyway you are right about sharing taking some of the pressure off. I feel ashamed and sad right now and confused and scared that I won't get out of this funk/I'll fail at everything, but at least the forum is a place where I can come and voice that/get some help.

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