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lilaxlion , 21 Jan 2011

12 steps.

so picking is just as bad as any other addiction or compulsion right? so why wouldnt the 12 steps work? anyone wanna try with me?
8 Answers
January 25, 2011
yes! Ive done other 12 step programs and applied it to picking, but never had the opportunity to try it with another picker. If you want to try shoot me an email.
January 26, 2011
OMG!!! such a weird nature. But often people does this unintentionally. I have learn about the 12 steps and hope that it will work.
January 26, 2011
I hope they help you too. They have helped me with picking a lot in the past/understanding the nature of addiction in general.
January 28, 2011
I am in a 12 step program and been in recovery from alcohol and drugs for 15 months now. I have recovered from my substance addictions by completing steps 1-9 with a sponsor and living steps 10-12 on a daily basis. I have used the spiritual tools given to me in the program to address my picking problem as well. They are extremely useful and when applied I find the compulsion to pick my face leaves me for sometime, however I have not yet been able to indefinitely abstain from the behavior. This is not surprising to me since one of the biggest aspects of the 12 steps is sharing experiences about the problem with others who have the same issues and can understand, with the very core of their being, one another’s struggles-- This forum is a God-send as it is providing the missing piece to the puzzle for me. Today I found this website. It is the first time I have ever been able to put an exact name to this issue which have plagued me so- DERMATILLOMANIA It sounds extreme to say I got tears in my eyes as I was reading, but this website has confirmed for me, that which I had known for so long-- That my deepest desperate desire to end this behavior is not adequate enough alone to make it stop. Above, I mention this forum as a 'God-send' which may also be perceived as strong language. I use the term "God" to describe a spiritual entity (higher power) and do not impose any religious beliefs on my fellows. It is up to oneself to find and define a "God" of their own choosing when working a 12-step program. I absolutely know with all my heart that the twelve steps can change even the most seemingly helpless conditions. We can build a fellowship (even if its only two people but more must always be welcome) to take this journey together. W
January 31, 2011

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thank you to everyone for wishing me luck with my twelve steps. at first it didnt work but now ive gone two days without! whoopwhoop. even when me and my boyfriend broke up i didnt! im getting stronger!
February 03, 2011

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I'm sorry to hear that your boyfriend broke up with you. Those things are hard to go through but it seems you have a good attitude about it. Time does make it easier. I'm so happy to hear you have made it two days (and hopefully more now)! You said you were using the 12 steps. May I ask what that looks like for you? I'm curious becuase I am to do them as well( ive done them for alcohol but not picking) and i was wondering how you got started and if you had a sponsor. W.p.

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