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saving_grace42 , 21 Jan 2011

Day 1

Hello All! I've decided to start my 21 Day Challenge for the first time. Today is Jan. 21, how ironic, although I didn't plan it, and its three days from my 22nd birthday. I'm new here and after reading many inspring and motivating posts I've decided to give it a shot. My name is Anne and I'm almost 22 years old. I've been struggling with picking since childhood, but didn't realize I wasn't alone in this and it was a disorder until a few weeks ago. It hasn't been a constant battle for me. I picked when I was a child but stopped when I was a pre-teen and anorexia took the place of my picking. Once I came out of treatment for anorexia, within three years my life fell apart and my picking came back with a vengence. Now, 5 years later after a long road of putting the rest of my life back together my picking is the last skeleton in my closet, its the last pain and undeniable feeling of shame I have yet to deal with. I've taken steps to reduce my picking, cutting my nails short, not letting my hands be idle, taking a low dose of anti-depressants, and getting back into dancing and working out regularly. All of these things have been helpping me work toward going one whole day without picking, but I haven't gotten there yet, and I hope today is the day. I'm so glad that I've found this site. Up until now I felt completely alone in this, and although my life has been isolated for so long (no friends or relatives), I can't help but feel that atleaste I'm not alone in this. Thanks for reading. Cheers!!!
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