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saving_grace42 , 22 Jan 2011

Day 2 - The hardest part about far...

Well I've completed my first day of my 21 day challenge. The hardest part about trying to heal so far is when my skin tries to heal and there are all these scabs. Its like the ultimate test so soon of seeing yourself heal, then the taunting and temptation of taking away the progress. It was a very hard morning for me, trying to ignore the urge to pick at all the scabs that were just starting to heal. My hands are shaking and the whispers to go back on my promise to stop are getting too loud.In a way I feel crazy but I know if I can just make it through today, Day 2, then tomorrow will hopefully be better. I'm going out today, in hopes that going for a long walk and getting in some much needed R&R on my Birthday weekend outdoors will distract me. Cheers! ~Anne
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January 23, 2011
Well done on completing your first day! I know what you mean when you say you feel crazy sometimes but you're not - resisting a strong urge or compulsion it is very difficult for any person. Some days are easier than others and you're right thay keeping busy and getting out really help. This is definiely an ongoing journey and theres no quick fix. But I'm on day 5 now and my skin is beginning to look better. Seeing signs of improvement is by far the best motivation for me, so it's definitely worth persevering. Remember that no matter how strong the urge to pick gets, resisting it is worth it to be free of this compulsion and have clear skin!

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