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PandaaPaws , 22 Jan 2011

It's Difficult To Talk About

Hey, I'm Jody - in case anyone's interested (haha) - and I've bee picking my skin (especially my face and shoulders/top of my back) for around 2 years now. I turned 18 in December and I've only recently been able to tell my Mom about this. After speaking to her about it, all she told me was 'you're reading too much into this, don't be silly'. While this didn't make me pick, it did make me upset. My new boyfriend, on the other hand, is very supportive and is already helping me to stop by keeping me from touching my skin and making sure I stay back from the mirror. Thinking about it, I haven't really ever picked due to stress - it's often due to excitement or simply out of the blue. Does anyone else feel this way? <3
1 Answer
January 26, 2011
In this situation our close relatives have a very good role for our mental support. I thank your boyfriend to support you in this situation and you also not to feel shy.

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