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aruthc , 25 Jan 2011

my picking keeps me away from the dermatologist!

I have a condition called milia and they drive me crazy. However, I feel like I can't see a dermatologist about my problem until I stop picking. I've wanted to go and clear this up for so long but I know that he can't do anything until I stop picking. I HATE THIS! My picking is ruining my life
3 Answers
January 25, 2011
I understand. Two days ago I finally went to a dermatologist for the first time ever. I just came out and told her, "I pick my skin, I am trying to stop, but it is really really hard for me". Not only did they give me a new skincare regimen and a anti-acne diet to follow and all that stuff, but she said that every few weeks when I come in she will be able to tell if I have picked and that she may even call to check up on me and that I have to be honest and stick to the plan. I think it will help to feel accountable to someone else and that if I slip up I will have to explain it to her. Of course getting over this and healing is something we have to do for ourselves, but having a little encouragement from a coach could be really helpful. You should really take the plunge and go see a professional. I think the best thing would be to find a dermatologist who specifically treats Skin picking or possibly a therapist who treats it. This is an illness and it deserves treatment, but you have to reach out and find it. I have heard of dermatologists sort of ignoring it (maybe because they don't know how to talk about the underlying causes), so do some research to find a dermatologist in your area who will really be direct and honest about it and who has some experience with this. And remember, if this is their profession, then I am sure they have seen some serious skin disorders and will most likely not be shocked by you. It is time to take the plunge and get the help that you want and deserve. And I bet that once you reach out for help you will feel relief and hope that will help you to be even stronger in overcoming this illness.
January 26, 2011
Although the situation is critical, in my point of view you need to consult a dermatologist. He might be a helping hand of you to cure this problem. So, don't waste your time,

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