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justducky , 25 Jan 2011

How to stop picking!

Hey guys, I've been reading all of your posts, and I SO relate to everyone's struggles. I'm so surprised that there are so many others that have the same problem. I thought I was like an alien. I've had this type of problem since I was tiny. I remember being 4 or 5 years old and my mom telling me that if I didn't quit pulling the hair out of my head, she was going to get my hair cut short, like "a little boy". I cried so hard, and I remember being so embarassed! But I did stop pulling my hair out. Then I started biting my lip and pulling the skin off of my lips until they bled. I did that until I was 9 or 10--my parents got a divorce and my dad's new girlfriend used to pick and chew the skin on her fingers--the cuticles and all the way down the sides of her fingers. So, I started that habit and have struggled with the habit ever since--(a LONG time, let me tell you!) Anyway, here's some stuff that helps me when i remember it--if I eat every 2-3 hours, avoid sugar, wheat, dairy (and anything that you know you're allergic to), and--very important--caffeine. Anything that would drop your blood sugar levels or raise them too high you want to avoid--so that means no alcohol, or any drug that would affect your pancreas/blood sugar levels. If you want sweets--fruit is the best choice. Any grains you eat need to be whole grains--fruits, vegies and whole grains are awesome--FIBER is your friend! If you gotta have goodies--make sure you make them from scratch with whole grains and a natural sweetener that your body can handle. You can get cocoa/chocolate powder online that is caffeine free--if you've GOTTA have chocolate, that's the way to go. Keep a journal of your day--everything you put in your mouth, the time, any exercise--make sure that you fuel your body before and after (make sure it's within 30 minutes after your workout). Keep your bedtimes and rising times consistent, get at least 8 hours of sleep each night, and cut the negative people and situations out of your life as much as possible. We can do this!! This is stuff I've learned and sometimes forget, and that's when I end up "binging" again and picking like a madwoman. I really believe the "eating" part that is so disgusting is all out of actual HUNGER and low blood sugar--which BOTH produce anxiety. Let me know how it works for you! Set an alarm on your cell phone to remind you to eat, if you tend to forget. I think that alot of us are perfectionists--that weren't cared for/loved appropriately by parents or someone important--so we tend to push ourselves, and aren't very good at self-care. Things like eating on time, and eating healthy, sleep habits, going to the bathroom when you need to--not making yourself hold it until you finish something. It's all about self love, and self acceptance. I hope this helps someone!
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January 25, 2011
Oh yeah! I forgot--you may want to combine a healthy carb with a protein/fat when you eat/snack. Just don't overdo anything--too much protein can jack your blood sugar levels (can you believe that?!), too much sweet fruit--berries and apples aren't too sweet, so they will combine okay with other stuff/vegies pretty well. Sweet fruits like mangoes, melons--should be eaten alone, wait 15-30 minutes and follow with your fat/protein. Just experiment with what works for you! Of course, keep socks and shoes on those feet until bedtime, rich lotion on those lovely hands of yours--acrylic/short nails on those beautiful fingers, and do something that makes your heart sing every day (for me, it's dancing to my Michael Jackson station on Pandora) or doing that on my mini trampoline. Know that Jesus loves you SO MUCH and that, if you ask him, he'll help you, too!

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