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riabadia02 , 25 Jan 2011

Feeling ashamed, disappointed, weak, depressed the list goes on and on.....

It's been a few days since I've posted and it has proven to be disastrous for me. I really truly have to visit this site multiple times a day so my mind is constantly focussed on not picking. I was doing so well and could notice a significant difference in my overall life and then starting last night I ruined it. I picked at the same spot on 2 different occasions at work made it soo noticeable that people knew what I had done and then came home and picked and then woke up early this morning and picked the same spot again. I get focussed on one area and won't stop picking at it until it is so painful and bloody that I have no choice but to stop and for me it's only my face. Going to try really hard to get back on track and I guess this is day 1 all over again. UHH just feeling terrible, but I have to pretend like nothing is wrong and go to work and help other people. I just want to get better. Thanks for reading.
3 Answers
January 26, 2011
I feel so sorry to know about your condition. It is really unbearable for a person to handle this kind of situation. But I request you to have patient and try to focus on other matters. I wish all the best.
January 27, 2011
i feel ashamed disappointed,weak ,depressed and more too. i know how you feel.and i can definetly relate to going to work and pretending your okay. i just want to get better too.

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