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meg78910 , 26 Jan 2011


Picking has held me back from life. I have lived half a life, too embarassed by my acne(that I'VE caused) to go live life to the fullest. I go to work, church, grocery store and home again. I'm going to STOP PICKING ONCE AND FOR ALL! Then I can go get the things I want and know I could have if only I were confident about my skin. Starting tomorrow I WILL NOT PICK MY FACE,unless there is something that has come to a head by itself. I am making this profession in front of God and everyone so you people can hold me accountable. Please check in on me! I think this will help me. Anyone wanna start too?
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January 26, 2011
Another comment that made me cry as its so true!! I feel like I've lived half a life too - I'm 39 but don't feel like I have LIVED for all those years, just existed and struggled. My son is 8 next week I and he keeps asking me why I spend so much time in the bathroom and has even started trying to take my creams away - which sends my stress levels soaring!!! I just wan to be a good, NORMAL mum!!!1 It must have something to do with hormones and stress and I never picked at all for the first 6 months of my pregnancy - but as I got more stressed towards the end I started up again - creating things that weren't there, even picking at freckle! Since visiting this site I cannot believe how many other people are sufferring like this - I HONESTLY thought I was just mental!! Good luck to each and every one of you xxxxxxxx
January 26, 2011
i picked at two little bumps this morning, but they had came to a head. i feel something sore on the side of my nose i want to pick it bad but im not going to and its either going to come to a head or go away on its own and im not going to mess with it!

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