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EternityAndaDay , 27 Jan 2011

Trying to stop

I'm trying to stop my skin picking and I've been on Day 1 for two days now. I've failed again and will have to go to Day 1 for another day. I'm getting frustrated. Any help or suggestions or tips will be highly appreciated.
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January 27, 2011
What helpped me to stop was a couple of things: (I am now on Day 7) **Finding somthing to occupy my hands (folding my fingers together when waiting, writing, typing, playing with jewelry, paper clips at work, etc) **Being more concious of what triggers me to pick (stress, anxiousness, boredom) - once I recognized my triggers I could prevent myself from picking. **Working Out - I don't know about you, but I used to pick at my arms the most, once I started working out I realized that I could never show off my arms becuase of picking, gradually, because of that pride, it helpped me to stop. Its still a constant battle, Day 2 was the hardest for me. I pick in the mornings and the morning of Day 2 I felt almost insane as I tried not to give into the urge to pick, but once I got past that and kept telling myself over and over, a million times if I had to, that I was tired of the bleeding, tired of the infections, tired of having to wear long sleeves when I didnt want to. These are my reasons but I hope you find yours and what works for you. Please keep trying!! This forum and the support here helpped me a great deal. Good Luck! ~Anne
January 28, 2011

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You're welcome! The last few hours have been very trying, I'll probably be using every trick I know to keep from going back to Day 1 today. Continue to wish you luck, may we both be succsessful today! ~Anne
January 29, 2011

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I wish you luck as well! We will both be successful today! I find wearing a hat all day helps me keep from picking my scalp. I've taken up handweaving and knitting. The chewing on the inside of my mouth is the hardest by far! -- Ashley.
January 29, 2011

In reply to by EternityAndaDay

Have you tried chewing gum? Like sugar free gum that you really like? I used to bite the inside of my cheek and lip badly and that was the only thing that helpped. I've gotten back into chewing gum now to keep myself from clenching my jaw from the tension of not picking. Funny how i stop one thing for a while (picking) but I start doing other things (jaw clenching or clenching my fists, figetting) its always something with me!!! Haha ;) Wishing you continued strength each moment of each hour, as that is how I got through today. ~Anne

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