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Want2bfree , 27 Jan 2011

frustrated just picked again

I'm sooooo over this!! I just picked at my cheek again. It had broken out previously and was almost fully healed. I then discovered a couple of small pimples emerging which I squeezed & now it's inflamed & noticeable. I'm at a stage in this condition where I can be in control (sort of) & not do as much damage as I use to, but I just can't stop completely. I have more mini picks as opposed to the mess I used to create. Does anyone who tries to stop picking succeed for a short period of time & then your skin starts feeling congested, oily, dirty ect and you just want to pick?? I feel my skin so acutely even without touching it! Can anyone relate to this? Why is our skin our main focus? Why can I feel my skin so much? I can feel when it's too oily, when I'm too cold, too hot, or it's starting to breakout, and how good it feels when it's clear. In general I just feel uncomfortable in my skin, the way it feels from the inside.
4 Answers
January 28, 2011
Hi. I can totally relate to what your saying. I can manage a short period of no picking and longer periods of small amounts of picking, but then I end up having a big session again and making a mess of my face, I made it to 5 days of no picking and although I could see an improvement in my skin I also felt what you describe in your post. I started to feel my skin was congested and ended up ruining it again. It's so annoying - I know it doesn't make sense but I still do it. It's so frustrating.
Peachy Keekee
January 29, 2011
"I'm at a stage in this condition where I can be in control (sort of) & not do as much damage as I use to, but I just can't stop completely" I can completely 100% understand this. Seriously the fact that I can control it enough now to keep it to small areas. But apparently not enough to stop. Is like the Bain of my life D:
January 31, 2011
same here.. it seems like the longer i manage to control myself, the bigger the mess i make when i eventually give in.. it's like i can't stand getting better, i have to sabotage myself. one minute i feel happy that finally my skin looks better and the next i start picking again. and afterwards i feel i'm the biggest loser on the planet.. but i've decided that no matter how much i hate my guts whenever i slip, i'll never give up trying again and again for as long as it takes cause i know that one day i'll manage to stop completely, like ALL of us will :)
January 31, 2011
I understand what you mean by feeling as if the skin on your face feels congested. I have felt the same thing. What works for me is when I start feeling like that, I wash my face with a really nice white, clean washcloth and then with a fresh washed face I use a quality exfoliation scrub or peel. This really gives me the sense my face and pours are free of bacteria and dirt. I have always had a bad acne problem and all my research tells me that keeping you pours clean and eliminating oil build up with exfoliation is critical.

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