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Sambo , 08 Aug 2008

Severe & out of control scalp picking

I am 56 years old & have been trying to deal with my scalp picking issues for several years now. I have been to a psychologist & I am on anti-anxiety medication but it's been to no avail. Now about a week ago I broke out into this terrible blistering rash over my body & have been diagnosed with a staph infection which I'm afraid is a result of my constant picking. (of course I did not mention this detail to the Dr. - to embarrased!) Most days I'm obsessed with picking my scalp (with tweezers) and some days I find myself picking my head whenever possible. It always seems to be on my mind! I have been losing my hair - you would think that would make me stop - but it doesn't! I am hoping that this newly developed skin infection will make me face the reality of the damage I am doing to myself. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. There are several websites that claim they can cure you for just $20 or $60! I assume they are scams. Good luck to all the others out there who also suffer from this affliction - hopefully together we can beat this thing!

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