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cherrycolalola , 31 Jan 2011

How do you deal with other peoples reactions?

Im struggling with other peoples weird looks, or them acting freaked out by me/grossed out. Also, Ive noticed people tend to touch their own skin when they are around me, like I give them the hibby jibbies. Can others here relate? How do you handle it? Sometimes I feel like Im looking good/and that its not noticeable, but then I'll meet someone and can see this instant judgement in their eyes and I freak out/feel so incredibly bad about myself I can't stand it. I feel really negative right now bc my acne has died down a lot, but Im left with these scars that are so noticeable. I have these raised scars that make me look pretty disfigured, its not just little red/dark spots anymore. I just wish it wasn't the first thing people saw and reacted to. I feel like my skin puts a barrier between me and others, like its all some people can see. Anyway I just needed to have a place to come and vent today. Im feeling pretty damn hopeless at the moment, and Im sorry to be so negative, but I need some advice/people to relate to when it comes to this stuff. Hope everyone is doing alright.
4 Answers
January 31, 2011
I have felt those stares too and it only has made me want to pick more. I know how difficult and impossible it all seems but just tell yourself to try and keep trying no matter how many times you fail. Read the 21 Day Challenge posts....and try it. I am on Day 13 today. Just facing the world can be a daunting task but each day you do this makes you stronger to face the world, no matter how they look at you.
February 03, 2011
I thought kid reactions were the hardest to deal with.... I work with someone who likes to point out when I bleed.... after I pick a scab. So when he points out in the office, others hear and notice.
February 06, 2011
I completely understand.When i think i look great,i still get a reaction.No matter what i do it will be perminent,even if it slightly fades.When I get cold the scars turn even more purple and red than normal.I look diseased even though i am a quite attractive women.Anyways,i tend to just ignore comments,and if i cant then i tell them its none of their buisness.Sometimes they will make rude jokes.I laugh it off,fire back,change the subject,or ignore them.It hurts,but i say fuck them.They are no better.They are uglier on the inside than i am on the outside...
February 06, 2011
If you don't pick anymore and you have scars, then there is hope for you. Eating a healthy diet is the single best thing you can do. Cutting out refined flours and sugars will do wonders. Eating lots of nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, and legumes will do it. As much as you can, try to limit dairy consumption and sugar consumption. Eat a lot of fatty foods such as nuts, avocados, fish, olives, etc. They are great for your skin and have a ton of heart healthy fats in them. Secondly, try to work out as often as you can. Exercise immediately benefits your skin by increasing the blood circulation and releasing built up toxins. It speeds up the healing process and gives your face a really nice radiant glow. Plus you will feel better and more confident which will also affect the way that others see you. Lastly, you can try putting honey on your face every night. If you're a guy, then I understand that this may seem like a very feminine thing to do. However, if you can pull it off without anybody around you noticing, then I highly recommend it. If you do have roommates, then you can also easily put lemon juice on your face to help reduce the appearance of scars and nobody will even know that you have it on!

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