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Lana_90 , 31 Jan 2011

Personal techniques that may help others too :)

In this topic we can all post our personal little "rituals" or techniques that help us resist the urge to pick, so that others can try them too or get a few ideas :) Here are a few of mine: 1) Wet hands / Clean face This may sound stupid but it's worth trying: whenever i feel the urge to pick, i wet my hands. i've made myself believe that somehow the water helps the situation and that "since i've wet my hands, i won't pick". Also you can clean your face with a special soap to give yourself the feeling of cleanliness (and you don't want to ruin that feeling by picking right?). 2) Clench your fists Another "technique" is clenching my fists for about 10-15 seconds or until i feel i've overcame the urge to pick. 3) Relieve that tense and energy in a different way than picking Like stretching your hands, shoulders and the whole upper body (to relax the muscles) or do something else that requires energy (maybe a chore). 4) About that mirror... Cover the big bad mirror in the bathroom whenever you are near it (especially before you take a shower) or put post-its with inspirational and encouraging quotes (like how many days you haven't picked by now). I took a picture of myself after a very messy session and when i'm about to pick, i take a good look at it to remind myself how my face looks afterwards and how i feel (even though that's a little harsh). Also, when you find yourself literally glued to the mirror, convince your eyes to shut and while shut, pull yourself away from it. 5) Ciggy time :D Ok, I'm sorry, this is the worst that i can suggest but it's something that i do as a smoker and sometimes helps. Of course, i don't recommend that to non smokers or minors and you shouldn't take up smoking just to stop picking lol. Just to be clear :D So IF YOU ALREADY ARE an adult smoker, you can try to defeat the upcoming urge by lighting a cigarette. I hope these will help you too :) NEVER STOP TRYING! :] Ok now, what about your techniques? :) Share them with us! I'll come back later if I remember anything else. xoxo *Please forgive any grammar mistakes, english is not my first language and i'm a little rusty at this :/ In fact, feel free to correct me, i'll be grateful :)
1 Answer
February 05, 2011
Th single most beneficial technique is to cover up the mirror. Out of sight out of mind right? If I don't know how bad my skin looks up close, then I'll be less likely to pick. It's hard to stop once I start. But putting honey on my face helps it heal after a session and exercising ALWAYS immediately makes my skin look better. Which prevents me from picking.

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