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wiltedfame , 01 Feb 2011

I figured out precisely what causes most of my picking... (Adderall/Concerta+exhaustion)

I pick at blemishes on my arms and face fairly regularly, however, it is nothing out of control. But there have been several occasions where I have picked my face/body so bad that I locked myself in my apartment for days and now have mild facial scarring. Now that I have my picking under control for the most part, I can look back and I have learned that my ADD medicine caused my insane picking spells. I took my Concerta today, but have had no severe urges yet. I believe that the combination of Concerta+exhaustion was what did it. I think that I would be so tired and want to sleep, but the stimulants in the medication would keep me awake, so instead of sleeping, I would go into the "picking trance" and completely annihilate my skin. Has anyone had similar experiences with stimulants in drugs?
7 Answers
February 02, 2011
i don't know if it's just a coincidence, but my skin picking started at age 15. that's when i first got my adderall prescription. i don't know. i can't believe i've done this to myself! i am controlling it now and i only hope that i don't pick again. i don't want to! just the way it makes me feel about myself is horrible. my skin is truly holding me back in all aspects of life. here is to a new start and a new and improved sense of worth. good luck. i'm just trying to control myself. i can't stop taking my adderall =/ edit::::::::::::::::: i'm the same way about locking myself away in the apartment. i get in this trance too. wtf is wrong with me? i'm changing. i desperately need to catch up with my school work. i need to hear somebody say, "you can do it!" i'm ready for a new me. i've never liked the way i feel about myself after i destroy my skin. the only thing i'm upset about is the scars, but i think i am coming to terms with them. i just need to leave them alone and let things get as good as they can possibly be. once my skin clears up, i think i might buy a dermaroller... or some other thing to help minimize the scarring. i'm not expecting a miracle. good luck to you. i know i can control this too. i honestly have no clue why i do it either because it never makes me feel good about myself, and that's all i truly want. good luck friend. i haven't been to school this week. i must go today, despite my not so perfect skin. wish me luck... if you read this in time
February 06, 2011

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I have ADD and take Vyvanse and Welbutrin every day. My picking started around the time I began to take Vyvanse when I was about 16. Now that I've started though, even when I'm off my meds, I'm just as bad if not worse for being unable to control my impulses. Because I'm an engineering student with a heavy course load, stopping my meds is simply not a feasible option right now. Maybe someday I'll try it though...
February 09, 2011

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I really started picking when I was chugging red bull's to study for college examns. The scarring got to the point where I was afraid to leave my room at all. I'd refuse to go to the dining hall, skip class, not even eat. I'd just lie in bed with the lights off and the covers over my head.
February 09, 2011

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Aside from popping the occasional whitehead, I NEVER pick to extremes unless I've taken my concerta. It's frustrating, because I have some powerful ADHD and it would be great if I could focus without hyperfocusing on a body part and destroying it. However, being able to concentrate doesn't do me any good if I can't go out in public. I skipped classes all last week because of my skin, but thanks to bio oil, aloe, and time, it's faded almost completely. I still have scars from past picking, but they aren't terrible. I've been considering a dermaroller or microdermabrasion for those too. Do you only pick when you take your meds? And also, do you take your meds every single day?
February 09, 2011
PS shortly after posting that topic, I picked my arms til they looked like I had measles and later followed up with my face. Concerta=hell.
February 14, 2011
My psychiatrist told me that ADD drugs such as concerta or adderall can increase anxiety and lead to increased picking. However this is not always the case. My skin picking started before i went on ADD medicines. I am currently on Concerta which has actually helped my picking. I used to procrastinate by picking at my skin, but the concerta helps me focus and resist my picking. You may be on TOO HIGH OF A DOSE which can cause increased anxiety. Talk to your doctor and ask them about lowering your dose or possible adding a SSRI- to reduce anxiety and counteract the effects of the ADD medicine.
February 15, 2017

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