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mady127 , 12 Feb 2011

A journal of a challenge

So its been two years since I started picking...I've been getting better, but everyday, there are at least a few spots I still pick at. And it drives me craaaaazy. I get sick of myself, try to cover it up...all I want is to feel good in clear skin. So I'm starting this little "journal", as you might call it. I will NOT pick for 30 days, and everyday I will post in here to say if I have accomplished my goal for the day. Because that's really all it is, getting through one day. I mean, is that second-long instant gratification worth it...never. Yet I never remember that until it's over. So even though I picked today, I will get over it. My face will clear, and I won't pick any more. And I'll be new again:)

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