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SharStar86 , 12 Feb 2011

This is My First Step

Hi. So I'm new to this whole thing. I've never even joined any type of forum or blog because I've never really felt the need to. But I have delt with this problem for as long as I can remember and I always thought it was just me. I honestly did not think there were other people who were dealing with the same battle. My mother and best friend tell me all the time to stop and they can't understand why I just can't...even though my mother does it too. Her case doesn't seem as bad as mine though. I am experiencing a sense of relief coupled with intense emotion towards the fact that there are actually people out there like me (regarding picking). I feel so hopeless sometimes. WHILE i'm picking at my skin I will be saying to myself "Stop! Stop! You know what this is doing to you!" I need serious help, but I'm in grad school and working so I dont have time for therapy so until I do, I feel like this website/forum is a step in the right direction.
2 Answers
February 14, 2011
I completely understand that feeling... i would often compare it to a battle between myself. One side of me would want to pick to relieve all my stress and just relax while the other side was screaming at me to stop! Check out my forum- 'How i stopped methods and products that helped me'. I'm sure some of these things could help you too!

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