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mrscruz23 , 13 Feb 2011

Lip Picking

I thought I was alone with this whole skin picking issue, I really did. I feel like I am the worse lip picker you would probably ever meet honestly. I hate that I do it, but yet I feel like I will never stop and I honestly really want too. I guess its the reason Im here. I just figured that I had OCD never went to the doctor for it I just basically read up on it but now i see i have this colplusive picking. I know that I have been picking my lips for years and I know that I do it a lot more when Im really stressed out or really bored. No one in my family that I know of has a picking issue, actually no one that I know has a picking issue so its hard to talk to people about it cuz I think that people think I just do it cuz its fun, but like I said before I just cant stop. When my mom or someone sees me picking at my lips they yell at me and instead of being grateful that there trying to help me stop, i get aggravated. i always tell myself that im going to stop and ill last a few days and start right back up again doing it. everyone thinks its so easy just to stop picking my lips but its not when im really stressed out about things and i feel like i have no one to talk to its the first thing i turn to doing sometimes i go and go and go with picking i make them bleed and i wont even care that their bleeding i still keep picking. everyone says just use chapstick to unchap my lips i can do that only for a certain amount of time until i cant stand having the stuff on my lips anymore. im kinda glad that i found this cuz i feel like know i some people who really understand what im going through :) hopefully one day ill really be able to stop the lip picking!

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