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lilmama9700 , 13 Feb 2011

want to get this off my chest

First it started with picking my nose and eating it then it was picking at my skin, I have keratosis pilaris so this makes it easy, than i also have an extremely itchy scalp ever since i was like eight and i have always picked my scabs and ate them and i never new why i did this at one point in high school i started picking the skin off of my heels in huge chunks and eating them and they would bleed but i didnt care, and it would hurt so bad to walk but i would still do it. I have always eaten my scabs ever since i could remember, and i love popping pimples i will ask my bf, my friends or family if i can pop theirs if they have one i know its really gross but i cant help it, i stopped eating the skin off of my heels and just about 2 weeks ago i started again and for at least 6 years i will pick my skin around my nails and eat the skin it looks so gross and hurts so bad but i keep doing it i havent gone one day in many years where i havent picked my nose picked my skin my fingernails. ifeel so gross like what is wrong with me im so happy i found this sight i have never told anyone this and it feels so good to tell someone
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February 14, 2011
I really appreciate your honesty. Its hard to really understand where these impulses are coming, and by sharing your story you've given me a better ability to be honest with myself.

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