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claire , 14 Feb 2011

How I Stopped-Products and Methods that helped me

During my stressful junior year of highschool i found myself in front of the mirror picking at my face, squeezing out any impurities. At first, I only left some red marks from irritation that went away the next day, nothing too serious. However, it only got worse, i got to the point where my face was constantly bleeding and scarred. I then started picking at my chest leaving marks. This prevented me from wearing some of my lower cut shirts. One day i decided enough was enough... here are some of the things that i did to stop myself that i hope will help you too! 1. I placed post its on my mirrors telling myself not to pick 2. I covered up the mirrors in my room with paper 3. I got rid of all compact mirrors and magnifying mirrors 4. I took down the mirrors in my house that i often would pick at THIS HELPED! my scars are fading and i have found that SETTING A DATE with a GOAL helps you stick to it and not pick! I've done my research and i want to tell you some of the products that have worked for me! 1. Rose Hip Oil.. this is an all natural oil with healing properties (do not use on acne) 2. Cocoa Butter- This is great for scars on the body- I'm a little iffy to use on the face 3. DERMABLEND!-this is THE BEST CONCEALER i have used--- if you slip up and pick again don't get mad, just put some of this on and nobody will no. it goes on like a moisturizer (not cakey at all) and has spf to prevent darkening of any scars! Let me know if any of these products/ideas worked for you! or what else has worked for you!

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