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SameOldTrik2 , 16 Feb 2011

I'm 50 & picked all my life...

I pick every waking hour..I look for loose skin just to pull it off..My finger tips are sore all the time...I eat the skin...I bite & chew the skin from my fingertips..I don't even stop when the blood comes out...I've picked my fingers,feet,toes & the palm of my hands...I feel helpless & want to be able to stop...
2 Answers
February 19, 2011
It is so nice to finally be able to talk to somebody about this. I am 50 and have been picking at my cuticles since I was a teenager. I notice it more during stressful times such as holidays being around family, but I also pick without even thinking about it during movies, at church or at dinner with friends. I don't bite my nails but my cuticles at times can be horrible looking. I work a job that requires me to process paper work and sometimes there is blood on the paper from my cuticles. If my fingernails are short, I bite my cuticles or use scissors, clippers, paper clips or whatever is available. I have tried wearing bandaids with neosporin, sanding down cuticles with emory boards, hand lotion and wear gloves. They all help initially but then I pick anyway. My rationalization is that I like smooth and even looking fingers, no jagged edges and I have to "fix" it. Well, it is a compulsion that brings alot of embarrassment. I get really paranoid when someone glances down at my hands. If I go out to eat with friends I make sure to put bandaids on my thumbs and pointer fingers. (Those are the main 4 fingers I pick.) In the winter time I wear gloves and that helps. My fingers are scarred and they look like they were burned. When people ask I tell them that I have really dry cuticles for some reason and they get irritated when I pick them. I look forward to reading the posts. It makes me feel less crazy to know other people are also in my situation. Thanks for listening.
February 20, 2011

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Is it weird that I look foward to alone time so I can pick ??? I don't find that stress increases my picking...I could be having fun with friends & still be picking like a crazy fool...I've even used fine sandpaper on my fingers to try to smooth the loose skin so I won't pick...After writing this I do think I'm crazy...I think I need a good shrink :) Kirt in New Orleans

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