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potatoes , 16 Feb 2011

has anyone tried LEMONS I came across this site (mentioned before) and I have started using lemon juice on my face as a toner. However it may work for some and it may not work for others. I have been very reluctant on using lemons on my face but now I have started to give it a go. Worries so far that it may be leaving a yellow tint on my face. It has been the best treatment so far on my pigmented skin, as it works as a home remedy facial peel but without the peeling. It may take months to see an overall result but its only been several days for me and so far its been doing its job. I have also realised that the cause of more spots is the cause of picking a spot to begin with which spreads the bacteria around it. I was actually blemish free with hardly any pigmentation but I went through an odd day when I came back from work and decided to get up close to my face to a mirror and pick any thing that was secretly hiding on the surface of my face which was dry skin and any rough patches. I wish though that I had tried the lemons back then before I decided to pick on any flaws. But as I can not rewind back time, I can only try treating the red marks I have left behind and the spots caused by wearing make-up to cover them. The method for this lemon trick and what I do is to gently exfoliate your face: I use Botanic facial exfoiliation scrub. Then rinse and pat dry. Then I put lemon juice (from a bottle, but I've heard real lemons work better) on cotton wool and sweep over the face. It stings at first and causes redness to the face but this is normal. Once that has dried, I apply a scar serum on my face then a calm, soothing moisturiser. This can be repeated at night. It is also best not to pick scabs forming otherwise it will be a constant repetition of it trying to form again.
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February 20, 2011
I have, actually. And I think I found out about it on that website too, lol. I bought it in the little lemon shaped container and applied it with cotton balls. I don't know how, but I felt like my skin was smoother after the first use. Another good at home recipe that seemed to do good things for my skin: Strawberries and yogurt mixed in a blender and applied as a mask. I washed it off after a few minutes, dried my face, and the next day my acne had cleared a bit. Apparently crushed strawberries are really good for acne (in moderation).

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