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dermafright , 17 Feb 2011

Anxeity and Skin Picking

Maybe it sounds ridiculous because I don't pick from any self-esteem issues, but when I'm anxious or stressed. I had some deep seated zits that were invisible to everyone until I picked them like crazy. Now I have these huge red welts where I pick. Some have started to heal around my hairline but then I start to compulsively pick the scabs. So, I've had these awful looking things on my face for almost 3 months now, whereas if I had just let the acne run its course it'd be gone by now. Does anyone else have this issue? I'm considering to see my PCP and try Xanax and see if reduction in anxiety decreases my inclination. I try to stay busy with manual tasks because if I'm studying my hands can idly wander and pick. Any suggestions how to cope and try to retrain my brain to do something productive instead of pick my face??
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March 04, 2011
I am having a really hard time trying to replace my scratching & picking with something else. You sound like me- I will scratch in my sleep & pick while I watch tv. I did go to my doctor today & he gave me Celexa for the anxiety & stress- he thinks it might stop my "need" to pick & scratch. I know Celexa is used for anxiety, depression, & OCD. Maybe talk to your doctor about that. Good luck!

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