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going to be ha… , 20 Feb 2011

Why I think I PICK

So im 17 weeks pregnant and i have suffered from acne since i was 12. I started with popping them and now i look at all the pores and every little bumps and I pick. I can't go swimming or leave the house with out wearing makeup. I have to cover all my face, like wearing a mask. I have really red and blotchy skin and it feels different than the skin on my body. I pick cause I get little white filled pores and when i put on the cover up I see the bump and have to pick it. I wish i didn't have to work so i could stay home and not wear makeup and maybe let my skin breath. I also use to get my nails done and this helped with the picking two ways. One, gel nails are thick so I cant really pick and if I try it doesnt work so I stop. Two, I dont want anything like make up to get under the nail to make them look bad. Real nails are much easier to clean. All I want is for my skin to be clear and not red.
1 Answer
February 21, 2011
I get gel nails to help me stop as well. I find that if I get my nails done just as my face is starting to heal, it helps in the healing process because I am unable to pick with the nails. If only they weren't so expensive...

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