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Blisscreek , 22 Feb 2011

1 full day...

Well I have gone one full day without picking. I just made a small poster and put it up on my picking mirror. It reads... I AM NOT PERFECT BUT I AM WORTHY! Everytime I have wanted to pick (several times today) I have said these 8 words to myself. Now if I go to the mirror I will have to read them...
2 Answers
February 22, 2011
Way to go, Bliss! I wish I could say the same. I like your technique, I think I will try making a small sign for my mirror, too. My goal is to NOT pick for an entire day.
February 22, 2011

In reply to by Mom2Eve

Thank you Mom2Eve! Today is another day, but I have already taken a shower and did my hair and makeup....and didn't pick. I really hope I can get through today without messing with my face :) It's a little bumpy from where the skin is trying to heal. This is always my hardest time....I know it looks gross and I just want it to be flat and smooth. I know picking is not going to do that. I'm off to work....I don't pick there, so I should be good for at least a few long as I keep my fingers off my face while driving to work. aggg

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