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camelhead , 22 Feb 2011

I ONLY bite my arm hair...who else does this?

I dont pull hair or damage myself...i ONLY bite arm hair who else does this?? let's talk...doing this for 20 years! Please don't reply if you pull hair anywhere or damage skin...I am trying to compare Apples to Apples. Seem stress related. Weird...but when my whole family was gone for 2 weeks I pretty much stopped. Does not take Freud genius to figure this out but I get along with everyone well. It would be great to share experiences with someone.
28 Answers
March 27, 2011
i bite my arm hair and its getting embarrasing :( i seriously need help :/ im 15
March 27, 2011

In reply to by armeater

Bite it, as in pull it out? Bite it and eat it? What exactly do you do? It would help to know to see if we can relate or not. Have you researched this? I haven't heard anyone mention this before. There is often not a lot of info. on the web about this as they need more research.
March 29, 2011
If you noticed that the stress was gone when your family was away, or noticed your behavior changed when not around them, and you said you get a long with everyone well, then I would suggest, that they obviously stress you out. Everyone needs an outlet, when they are stressed. Some people internalize it, then eventually explode or have a meltdown. Maybe you don't feel like you will explode or have a meltdown, because your outlet for handling your stress is your habit. It's your body's way of reliveing itself. If the break from your family seemed to help, or change the behavior, then maybe try to schedule some times in regularily that you can devote to yourself. Or just little breaks away for a bit. It might make a huge difference.
May 16, 2012
I bite and eat my arm hair as well. Have been doing it for atleast 7 years, I am now 21. It started with my legs and then moved to my arms and hands. I think that I do it for many reasons, boredom, stress, anxiety, anger. Almost anything makes me do it and most of the time I dont realize that I am doing it until its too late. Im not really sure what would help me to stop doing it. Ive read about cognitive therapy and ssri's but would rather not resort to that if I didnt have to. At this point I am feeling quite overwhelmed by it because nothing that I have tried has really worked. We seem to have the same obsessive behavior so its nice to see that Im not alone in this. If you have any words of advice it would be greatly appreciated.
October 27, 2012
I also have this addiction, I hate that I do this. But I like doing it. I do think its because of anxiety and anger I think. I bite all the arm hair off my arms and the top of my knees, really anywhere I can bite hair really. I don't no why I do it, And sometimes I tell myself Im never going to do It again, I only last a short while and Im chewing my arms again without me noticing. When Im out and about I try the hide my arms, and I try to avoid contact with people, Because Im worried they will discover my weird addiction. A physiotherapist felt my arms once and said "did u shave your arms" I didn't really respond, If anyone has any treatment or way to stop this addiction I would love to no.
December 27, 2012
this is mad im doing this like 12 years i didn't see anything wrong whit this i do it in front of people all the time and i make a joke out of it ask them do they want a bite but im just watching a tv show called my strange addiction and the doc on the show said its just habit. not that theres something wrong but eating hair is bad it plugs up your body so try and stop im going to try too.
April 11, 2013
I am laughing my head off that i even put this into google because i have been doing it for over 10 years. I bite the hair out of my forearms and hands so they are bare. I think it started when i was a teenager i saw someone pulling the longer hairs on their forearms and i think i started (i am 30 male but not very hairy and hairy doesn't seem nice to me). So it started with pulling the longer hairs and then soon resulted in biting my arms and hands bare - not a single hair. I like the feeling of plucking the hair out, feel on my lips. fun to bite and nibble. I'm still laughing. I try not to in public but cant help myself sometimes, people have mentioned my bald arms. But if i wear a long sleeved top i can go the day or days. It's not like i'm thinking about it. And when on holiday i dont tend to do it so id say boredom has alot to do with it. So to help stop - long sleeves or wash arms with bad tasting soap or something else bad tasting. Best of luck new arm biting friends xxxx
September 28, 2013
I began biting the hair off both my hands and wrists when I was 16. Definitely a stress-related, addictive habit. Over the years, however, I have been working on trying to control and discipline it with some success. It used to be both wrists and hands - almost completely bare less stubble. But now is only a small area on the left wrist. Here was my approach that took years to work out: Try to limit the "attack" to ever-smaller, focussed areas. For me today, this means the area under my watch - Now I have to first give myself "permission" by taking it off, and then "restrict access" when putting it back on! There is still a bald patch right by the watch and lower strap, but its relatively concealed - a far cry from when this addiction began! Hopefully this helps. Good luck!
November 04, 2013
I've been chewing for about 25 years. All these comments i'm reading relate to me. If there's a way to stop let me know. I did stop once for a month' but without notice i started again.,I even chew the hair off my knuckles. I'm about 100% sure it's anxiety and stress. I'm going to a doctor to try and treat my anxiety and stress issues.Hopefully i can resolve this.
Christian R
December 30, 2013
I started biting my hair at age 9. I am 12 now, I bite the hair of my legs, knuckles, arms, my feet, and my toes. I don't think it's stress related. It happens a lot to me.
January 01, 2014
I totally do this. I think it is so odd when I actually realize what I am doing. I shave my arms, and when stubble grows, I pull the hairs out with my teeth. I get a little rush of satisfaction when I pull out a hair. I try to stop when I get the urge, but I can't resist. I only do this to my arms, and it happens mostly when I am anxious about something or bored. I have been doing this on and off for 13 years, and have been doing it a lot lately.
February 18, 2014
I'm 20 years old and I've been doing this since I was 16. I do this mainly when I'm alone in my dorm. I mainly focus on the hairs at my wrists and recently it's gotten so bad from stress in college and relationships that people have been noticing it and asking if I shave my arms. First of all I heard somewhere that it takes something around 27 days to lose a habit. I haven't done it yet but today Im making the commitment to strive for this goal and I think you guys should do the same - you did finally decide to google this, take that as a first step to your decision to get this out of your life! Heres my plan I've come up with two ideas for when Im alone in my dorm room- arm bands, maybe those under armor sleeves, and I am going to use my invisalign during the day so that I can take away my teeth's ability to bite down on the hairs. Just keep the 27 days thing in mind and the task of resisting the urge becomes a lot less daunting.
February 18, 2014
Alright. I'm 11 and love picking the hairs off with my teeth all over my body. Legs, knees, toes, fingers, wrists, arms, and chest. I'm starting to have breathing problems now. Help?
June 22, 2014
Not alone. 25 years or so. Love biting or pulling hairs out on my arms/fingers. BUT... I can stop at will. I've gone months. I do shave my arms but usually leave my hands alone. The hairs stay short (never have a chance to grow) and I'll bite/pull them here and there. As mentioned in another thread. I even get this weird satisfaction shaving my arms. Even weirder ... Tap the razor and form a little ball of hair before washing down the drain. I don't bite my arm hairs as much as I used to. If anything I start pulling the longer darker ones out. About that time .. I know it's time to shave. When I was young .. I would go crazy biting the hairs off my arms. Then take a white shirt and wipe my teeth and see all these little hairs. People do ask why I shave my arms. Funny... Back in my 20's. Two of my best friends shaved their arms on a wim and liked it. I fit rite in at the bars rofl Anyways ... My escuse now when people ask. "My arm hairs don't grow in some areas .. It's blotchy and looks funny like I have some Disease" Works all the time :D
June 22, 2014
im 48, my top front 2 teeth are worn away, not in a dramatic sense but still noticeable (from biting) i bite fingernails and hair have done so since i can remember im even typing this admission in the hope of some absolution. i dont know why i do it.... my wrist hair is always short, my fingernails non-existant i rip and tear at painful when i go to deep (fingernails) im sure its trichotillomania, but again i have no idea why.... normal childhood..... no abuse.... although i was quite attached to my mum and female company.... weird i a guy.... always a part of me to this day i still graze on my hair, from all spots on my bod .... hi to you all who suffer the same affliction
September 07, 2016

Hello I read this wensday September 7th 2016 I'm 23 years old. I've been biteing my hand/wrist hair for as long as I can remember. Mines extreamly spasific. It's only my right inner wrist that I go for mostly... I've bitten so much hair out then I've scared the skin by doing so (I do not bite my skin or pick it eaither, strictly hair.) I'm not proud but figuring this out would be great so here's my weird side of it... I don't only bite the hairs out I normally eat them... id stop if I noticed myself doing it but I don't notice it. People point it out... It's really embarrassing... I do think stress has to do a lot with it but I'm not sure how to "relax" you could say. Hope I helped a little bit and I'll be following.

May 01, 2017

OMG - I'm on the same boat as some of you but my goodacious it is so good to know that I'm not the only one that is living with this unspeakable obsession! I'm currently working on my assignment that is due in 3 days and I am stressed out...which means I am picking on my arm hairs.

It started when I was 14/15. I would first pick on my legs, thigh area and then I stopped that and began on my arm hairs. My arms are pretty hairy and I was always self-conscious about them but now I just love the feeling of picking on them with my teeth. I don't eat or bit them that some of you guys seem to do. I just use my top two teeth and my bottom lip to pull on the arm hairs.

I really do think it is stress related but also boredom. I take anxiety medication due to my severe anxiety but that really doesn't help with my arm hair picking.

OMG imagine if one of us stars on TLC's My Strangest Obsession or Dr. Phil HAHAHAHAHAHA!

September 21, 2017

Yes I do this too.. Hands and sometime arms... Start in 1st grade knawing on knuckles skin and chewing hands as a hobby I guess. I specifically remember a cute girl was doing it and we talked about she said Just like doing it... So I thought I'd try it.... Thought she might like me...I was in first grade. Lol. Been do in it ever since...I think now... It's a time killer...I don't do it in public....long trips... Watch TV etc..... Notible information: I don't smoke....I always told myself this was why. My younger years..I loved kissing girls...and skin chewing etc... Nothing crazy..but passionate on an crazed animal level. Lol. It seemed to work for me. I've also associated this oral fixation with some desire for a woman...I've talk about to afew girlfriends over the years.
Thirdly: I've consciously tried to stop.. An its been successful. Staying busy is the secret....I play furniture....magic..all stuff with my hands.
I don't chew fingernails to the nubbs or anything like that....just hair back of hands and fingers.

Side note...I'll also feel the texture of the back of my chewed areas to my lips....and also smell... Something about analyzing the smell perhaps...I do wash my hands throughout the day...
It's really a subconscious habit now.
Hope this helps...I could and analyze this all I've seen others doing this while driving... So I know we all have something in common....I'm guessing...crazed animal lover. Funny. But probably true. I've never dated another hand I cant day for sure.

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