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smithdisoja , 24 Feb 2011

Hair Restoration

In today's procedure-dominated medical industry, many doctors make decisions based upon their own economic interests rather than considering what is in the best interest of the patients. Therefore, it is crucial that you take the time to educate yourself about both, the Hair transplant procedure. Hair transplant surgery like any form of surgical procedure is a big decision to make and not one to undertake lightly. In this guide you will learn about the various types of hair transplant methods, how to find a suitable clinic, what to ask the surgeon and the procedure itself. These transplanted hairs after growth can be cut or trimmed regularly. These can be shampooed or dyed if required. These hairs don’t require any medicines to maintain the growth as it occurs naturally and permanently. Even after complete shaving or tonsuring, these hairs will grow back and tend to do so for the rest of the life. the field of Hair transplantation has seen a surge in the refinement of the technique by which, the patients are able to get very satisfactory, almost undetectable and natural looking hair transplants unlike the older versions which give an artificial and visibly erratic appearance. Our specialty is to provide undetectable and natural looking hair transplants. We have also specialized in female hair transplantation, body hair transplantation, moustache and eyebrow reconstruction. If the hair transplant doctor or hair transplant group you are considering claims to be performing follicular unit hair transplantation and so on. Some people are happy to wear a wig or even go bald but others find that having a full head of hair is part of their identity. Your hair is a statement of who you are; your status, age and position in society. Hair transplanted using fewer hairs per graft since it gives more coverage of the scalp. Fine hair has less bulb and can give a very natural look but less coverage than coarser hair. Wavy and curly hair lends itself to good visual results in transplantation because a single wavy or curly hair curls on itself and can therefore cover more scalp area than can a straight hair. The goal of the hair transplant adviser is to provide you with the tools to make the best possible choices in dealing with your Hair loss. And looking like a new generation not a old generation. Many centers in India Hair Transplant Center, a pioneer center in India under the leadership of renowned plastic surgeon Dr Tejinder Bhatti provides safe, efficient, and permanent results while treating your hair loss comprehensively.The transplant would look more natural if only a few hairs are relocated per session. This is because of the fact that human hair grows in one to four strands of hair per grouping of follicle. Serious problems of bleeding, scarring, and infection are rare. Modern hair transplantation surgery is comfortable, predictable, and the results are pleasing to most patients. If you're considering having a hair transplantation procedure done, you should first understand that the coverage that you had prior to hair loss will never be brought back. What this surgical procedure can do for you is to make your scalp achieve more fullness and cover the thinning areas. Moreover, it is important to know that as with other forms of surgery, hair transplantation carries with it several risks and complications. Any More Other Information :-

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