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deltareptile , 25 Feb 2011

I just found this website! I pick along...

I pick along the sides of my finger/toe nails and lips. I also moderately pick at my face and scalp. Anyone else do this? I just need to know someone else who does. I want to know why they can't stop, why it feels comforting...
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February 26, 2011
I do. I like to use nail clippers to pick finger and toe nails as well as the skin around them. I clip my nails everyday. If I can't find my clippers I go nuts! I feel like my nails are too long or something. I can pick at the skin without the clippers, but my nails are to hard. People think I bite my nails, but I don't. The tips of my fingers are red and scared from pulling at the skin so much. They are sore so often that I have became custom to it. I pick at my lips too, but that is more in phases. It is definitely worse in the winter.

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