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tarab , 25 Feb 2011

Hello Old and new friends!

I missed you all! I haven't been on in awhile because I have completly lost my mind over the past few years.. things have happend that have drawn me to pick way more.. getting a nice haircut helps with the split end picking. My fingers are still getting picked.. my face hasn't been.. but I still mess with my nose pores lol.. things are getting better.. I guess thats why I signed on. I have to stop picking my fingers but good news!!! I DON'T BITE MY NAILS ANYMORE!!! BEST THING THATS EVER HAPPEND! :))))))) I got SimplyColor 1.99 in CVS No Nail Bite :) PLEASE IF YOU HAVE THIS PROBELM TRY THIS! xox Tarab Have love in your heart and beleive in yourself.

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