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VicTheLipPicker , 27 Feb 2011

Lip and Body Picking

Feb. 27, 2011 Hello fellow pickers, I can relate to almost all of you. I remember standing in front of a mirror when I was 3 and picking my bottom lip until it bled. I thouroughly enjoyed pulling the skin off and sucking the blood until the flow stopped. Over time my picking took on various forms, while continuing to lip pick too, such as picking the bottom of my feet until they bled and it was difficult to walk. If the picking went too deep, and I knew it was going to bleed, I would use nail clippers to remove the skin instead of pulling it the rest of the way off. By the time I entered high school I had stopped with my feet but had progressed to my arms. It was just my luck that this was during the 90's grunge scene, as I had to wear long-sleeved flannel to hide my arms, even in summer. Now it has manifested as picking the clogged pores on my breasts, causing red, bloody marks where there were no pimples. I cannot wear low-cut tops without an undershirt. I occasionally tackle my arms, but try hard not to so as not to have any marks when I go to work. I continue to pick my lips when I can, but if I am somewhere with other people and cannot pick, I will chew my lip (I favor the bottom) and devour the skin. I will pop pimples on my face, but have found a styptic pencil quickly stops all weeping and bleeding of the wound, and Neosporin over that will prevent it from drying out or re-filling with pus. Make-up hides the resulting redness. I never pick my face like the rest of my body, since it's the first thing people see. I think I have reached the pinnacle of my picking, since I have worked from my feet up, and while there is nowhere else to go with it I will continue to pick my lip until my dying day. It is just too pleasurable. Like a smoker with ciggaretts, I must do it after most meals, and while relaxing with a good book or watching television. I do not want to stop. Those of you who found this site because you search for it- Know that you are not alone.

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