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sammyjo74 , 27 Feb 2011

intro and hello to everyone

I am 21 will be 22 in May. I started picking my face and back and thighs when i was really young maybe 12. I moved to my arms when i was in high school. Now it is everywhere. My breast, tummy, back, all over my arms, face, neck, butt, pubic area, legs, but worst of all i thought i could stop about a year ago, but picking my nails, now i have infection on them and they hurt, but at the time i thought no one could see them. I have picked every single day for almost ten years. My mom and me myself have been to tons of doctors and no one knew what it was all over my body, but yesterday i decided to look it up and i found this site and wanted to cry. i can not believe there are people out there just like me. it is amazing. I have put fake nails on in hopes it will help. So today is day one. i think i finally realized it was out of control when everyone at work started asking about it and i didn't know what to say about it i never knew what it was called. i am just so thankful for this site. i just want to wish everyone good luck with stopping, and to everyone else new like me i want to let you know you are not alone.
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February 27, 2011
Congrats, Sammy! You've just released your secret. And that, in itself, should feel very uplifting. I am battling skin picking as well, and I am hoping to soon recover from it. But It's tough work. Hang in there, and hold on to the fact that you are not alone and that there are strength in numbers. Sometimes, for me, I feel the most encouragement when I'm encouraging someone else who is stuggling with the same thing. So, these threads are awesome. If you need anything, feel free to contact me. Cheers :] BlueSky
February 28, 2011
Hi Sammy I just found this site today and like you I could of cried!! I didn't even know this had a name till this morning, I've spent 22yrs scratching and picking like a mad woman. I'm 27 and don't want to stress about going out with friends anymore and finding clothing that will cover my arms and legs all the time. I stopped picking at around 11am this morning and feel like I'm greiving, I'm so desperate to pick and examine myself in the mirror. I don't think I'm gonna be able to make the whole day without picking but I'll bloody try!!! I hope it all goes well for you hun. x

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