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AndreaAnonymous , 28 Feb 2011

12 step this S$#*T

Hello sisters and Brothers, ugh so this is the deal, I have been picking for as long as i can remember in the last 6 months after getting clean and sober, the picking is crazy bad, I'm isolating I had an impetigo infection...twice..all around it is a horrible situation, I CANT STOP! presently I am attempting to 12 step this obsession. Step One I admit I am powerless over picking. I am completely convinced. The very nature of dermatillomania is that it is an obsession BEYOND my mental control. I'm hoping that what I cannot do alone WE can do together. Much love to all of you courageous people! Andrea
1 Answer
Pickin Grammie
March 01, 2011
It both saddens and relieves me to find that what I've done to myself for the last 40 years not only has a name, but a large group of sufferers. I'll be 61 in June and most of my adult life has been plagued by my ravaged face...caused of course by none other than me. I pray there's still hope for me. It helps to know I'm not alone and that there's someplace I can feel at ease describing what I know to many, probably most, would be unimagineable. Thank you.

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