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livinwitscars , 01 Mar 2011

new- picking for 9 years

wow, i never knew other people dealt with this. i thought i was just insane. i started when i was around 14 im going to be 23. i have old scars all over my body, and especially my face. a couple years ago i was using amphetamines alot and it took picking to a whole new level. i would put massive holes in my body/face and want to get everything out i felt like i was trying to purify myself. i've been clean for 2.5 years. and i have learned somewhat how to cope with it and handle the problem. though i sometimes do get a new facial scar once in a while. i feel embarassed by the way i've scarred my face up. it got so bad a few years ago, they said i had MRSA, i had sores with infections all over from the CONSTANT picking. all the nervous energy went into that. now that im sober i still suffer, as i did before drug use, but now i'm left with the history on my skin. does anyone know a way to help repair the skin damage from the years? or is it just going to be what it is for the rest of life? im going to be 23 this year, enough is enough, i don't want to be held back from this affliction anymore.
1 Answer
March 01, 2011
One medicine that has worked really well on my skin is Mederma. It's a little expensive, but as long as you stick to the directions and apply it 2-3 times a day for 3-6 months (depending on the scar), it works very well. Good luck!

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