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lexyw , 02 Mar 2011

great books

hi everyone! i just received two books i ordered and they are wonderful! FOREVER MARKED: A Dermatillomania Diary by Angela Hartlin and Pearls: Meditations on recovery from hair pulling and skin picking by Christina Sophia Pearson. i've been reading them both at night before bed and in the morning before i start my day. i would highly suggest making the purchase or getting them from your library. i love the forum b/c it really helps to know that there are others out there like us. i know someone posted a thread recently along the lines of "is it really possible to quit cold turkey? or has anyone really been able to stop?" the author of the Pearls book (and the founder of the trich learning center) says in her intro that she's picked 2 times in the past 20 years. i was so relieved to hear that! her book is a collection of meditations specifically designed for trich and dermatillomaia. it's really comforting to read. the other book is a memoir and can be a bit dark, but really inspiring too. it's great to be able to "hear" someone else's inner thoughts on this disorder. i've been living with this for as long as i can remember, and it got really out of hand about 2 years ago. i'm on day 3.5 right now (counting half days is easier for me to wrap my mind around). i'm really excited to be sharing this wretched obstacle with all of you! i know it sounds weird, but i've been thinking of how proud we can all be for not only trying to overcome it and wanting to change, but ultimately doing just that! we're going to get better and how many people out there can say they've beaten something so difficult and pervasive? today, i'm trying to focus on being proud of my struggles and successes. GOOD LUCK TODAY EVERYONE!

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