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sho1234 , 02 Mar 2011

To those who intended a new start in 2011!!!

Cumon everybody, do it with me. Lets break the cycle otherwise we are going to be consumed in this awful cycle this year aswell. Look at the month/date.. we gotta stop. Remember how unhappy it made our last year and how desperate we became towards the end of last year. Remember what we had hoped for 2011. Dont worry we can still save ourselves. But we gotta do it now. We are capable and beautiful human beings, we have so much to give and show to the world. If we have inner torment,anxiety,stress lets put it all into a piece of paper/into art instead. Weekly I will write my progress and the state of my skin-to show you that our skin can heal and look better if left etc. Currently i am worried about a few marks/lil scars.. I am accepting the fact now that even when i go to do 1 lil spot it nerly always turns into one half of my face wounded! I cant afford to scan face,look at mirror! Even wen skin is getting better,because i think this is the time we all relapse, as we try to make sure its all perfect and we get too absorbed in the possibility of having perfect skin at this moment that we obsess about it. Im not going to get like that anymore but im gna keep striding forward,ignoring mirrors and im not going to think about skin. Lets do it-how many times do we need to harm our skin? And for what? It hasnt ever done what we hope its gna do because we always find 'something' and do it again. People have done it a lifetime-each time they picked-like us they did it again the next time which proves that when we pick saying 'this is the last time' it never is and never will be. And if we dont stop it will go on for years because its been going on for years and how mAny years do we nEEd for us to feel convinced that we dont need to do it anymore,for us to stop. The answer is 0...because what did the years of doing it really achieve. We are always gna be disatisfied. We might aswell leave it-cos we will still be disatisfied with our skin by leaving it too...for a bit..but give it time we WILL end up more satisfied with our skin permanently. We give ourselves more reasons to be unhappy with it by picking,then we feel terrible. This is the fuel to the skin picking destructive cycle. Think about it all carefully and deeply.. 1 life-lets live it-lets not make our skin a problem because we are surrounding by enough problems in this world. Remember us-lets not forget about us! Who we are-how far we could go and what we can achieve.X x
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March 05, 2011
Used green tea today on sum scars. I stil havent gone over skin today-its slowly healing. Feel the need to check skin al the time. Paranoid bowt these marks/scars lol-absolutely stressing over them but i know they will fade if i leave it. Well i hope! I wil post progress.

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