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Trayzor , 03 Mar 2011

Heels of feet

I've been picking at with my teeth and eating the flesh under the soles of my feet since I was a teenager. I'm 31 now. There have been times when I hurt myself doing it but now I'm pretty much a pro and I can judge how far I can go without injury. I've been married for five years and my wife has never mentioned if it bothers her, even though I occasionally do it in full view. My soles look pretty messed up now, most of the time they look white and chalky. When I get out of the shower they look pretty disfigured. Wearing shoes and socks I can hide this from the world pretty much forever but I thought I'd get a little research on what this is. I know this is a 'picking' website but I don't pick, I eat. I don't even use my fingers I just chomp it right off (I'm pretty flexible). I eat my fingernails as well, pretty far down.. this tends to embarrass me more since people can see it.. What is my disorder called? Is there some medical word for someone who eats themselves? Maybe I'm not in the right place. Any help would be appreciated. I don't mind doing it, I could go on living like this forever most likely but maybe I can fit a solution into my life. I'm just worried that if I stop, the skin on my heels (which have been in constant regeneration for +15 years) will start doing some funky stuff.
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March 04, 2011
I think this is known as dermatophagia?? Slightly different from dermatillomania which is what we pickers have, but very similar in lots of ways I imagine. The only difference is that we use our fingers/tools to pick at our skin whereas you use your teeth. Perhaps you could see a doctor about getting some creams or something to put on your feet if you're worried about what will happen to them when you stop biting? How long do you spend biting your skin every day? The thing about these compulsions is lots of people do them - picking spots or biting nails/cuticles - but most people don't do it for hours every day/to the point where they really damage themselves. If you're biting your feet for an hour or more every day then surely you'd like to stop!? Think of all the other ways we could spend our time! I'm not sure if there are other websites out there for skin biting, but I'm sure we're all willing to help and support you if we can here!

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