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Captainofmysoul , 03 Mar 2011

Anyone else have childhood trauma that caused picking?

WOW. Just found this site and forum. I'm so happy I did. I thought this was just a bad habit of mine. I never knew any of this so I'm just so blown away. I feel so much better that I'm not alone in this struggle which is so shameful and exhausting. I have bargained with myself over and over again for years to stop and I've never been able to do it. I hope I can now. I pick at my arms bad that I don't wear sleeveless shirts unless I'm home by myself and even then I'm scared to because it's so easy to lean over and pick at the exposed skin. I also pick out the thicker, squigly strands of hair out of my head....I'll sit for hours and rake my hands through my hair looking for them. I pull split ends apart, I pick at my scalp until it bleeds- so bad in the winter! I HATE this. My sister has it too though. After reading up on it I had to confess to her that I do this- I've never told anyone before. We recently discovered that we were both sexually abused as children by the same relative. I'm in therapy for what happened which is great and I realize now that I need to bring this up to my therapist. My life has gotten incredibly stressful in the past two months and my picking has increased a lot. I need to try to find relaxation techniques I think to get through this. I'm going to the dollar store today to find stuff to fiddle with in my hands!! Anyone else have significant childhood trauma that you can trace the picking back to? It all makes SO much sense to me now.....I have done this since I was ten or eleven which is when my abuse was at its worse. I repressed the memories and they only started to surface in my dreams in the last few years. I think its' terrible that this happened to me but I'm glad to finally have an explanation. And I'm glad I have my sister to talk about this with. We literally do the exact same things!
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March 03, 2011
aww you poor thing! so horrible that you had to go through that! I hope you recover from this soon xx

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