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polkadot , 05 Mar 2011

Is this hereditary?

I was just wondering if my mother possibly could have had this too? I remember her having some wounds on her arms at times that would take so long to heal. She just said she was a slow healer. I have used that one too! But i got to thinking that when I picked as a child she was very quick to yell at me to stop, even if it was just a little scratching. I wonder if she was also a picker and afraid that I would do the same thing? Does anyone else have possible family members with the same disorder? Is this hereditary?
1 Answer
March 06, 2011
Yes, I have read in research that it is hereditary and I know my dad said he used to pick at his face and I know both my brothers did too but they seemed to be able to stop easier than me or not do it as excessive--my guess is because they don't have the ability to fall back on make up like I do. My dad complains that I pick at my nails but he does it as well. He does not believe this is a real disorder though and says I have the power to stop..I disagree because I know it is a disorder but I do believe willpower can stop it, though I'm sure therapy would help and maybe even faster.

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