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sho1234 , 05 Mar 2011

The need to check skin!!

Atm i have scabs that are healing but i have a horrible feeling that theres going to be mineute clogged pores there once they've come off. I feel like i need to constantly check my skin and i feel better knowing if there isnt anything there to get rid of then i can go through the rest of the day feeling fine and confident.
4 Answers
March 06, 2011
I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. The only way to combat this, honestly, is not to check. The minute I check I nearly always pick. Sometimes I manage not to but it's better not to even look! It's so hard though - i've covered the mirror but I look in every other mirror I find! Just remember it;s all in our head - ther is nothing there. Nothing that anyone else would notice. And even if they did notice - it's only skin!! Haha which is something none of us really believe or we wouldn't spend so much time focusing on it. Have you ever thought about what an alien or something would think if they were observing human activities trying to make sense of it all, and then they noticed a few of us just going over and over and over our own skin??! Sometimes I think this and I almost find it funny. On a good day I can see just how absurd it is what we do. Other days it seems like the most important thing in the world to squeeze all my pores. Oh dear really this is such a stupid thing to need to do.... but I really do feel like I need to! Stay strong :)
March 06, 2011
Yes-rele musnt check. The alien thing made me lol! True lol. I seem to do it more when marks/scars/scabs are there as i see no hope that they'l go. Its such a frustrating situation. We do it to rid tiny imperfections- make it look worse- then we are staring at huge imperfections! I get a lil comfort thinking 'at least its out. But it not worth it. I like to think ive gone thru al this and its been worth it. Like say i did everything to rid al imperfections-let it heal then go and check after a while. If i see 2 proper clogged pores and that sum hav come bak i think oh my god ive done. al this for nothing!! Then i presume that i didnt do it properly in the first place. Then i do it again. I hate the thought that ive pushd stuff deeper then im fixated on that area for days. Im convinced itl come back-sometimes so convinced that i do it when there isnt anything there. I actuali like my face now behind al the mess-sad that im ruining it. Right 2 weeks i gota not look,think or touch it. Now wil that be worth it. Lets see. Good luck to you. Its gna be uncomfortable but worth it in the end.
March 06, 2011
Hi, I'm on day 10-- going strong BUT this is the one habit that bothers me because one day I feel it will lead me to skin is healing/clearing so why do I need to go check it out in the mirror and at dangerous times when I am procastinating/bored? I am trying to recondition myself not to look in the mirror as much or at times when it is appropriate like 10 min before I go out--enough to do my hair/make up.
March 06, 2011
Good stuff matey. Keep it up. Keep going. Imagine how much beter ur face wil be in another ten days. Yes i think its a major thing-to stop ourselves from looking and checking. Surely then, after a while that strong 'need' will get weaker.

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