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renee8 , 05 Mar 2011

lip and cuticle picking

i have picked at my cuticles and my top lip for as long as i can remember. i don't have low self esteem and i am not depressed. i think i tend to pick when my hands are idle or when i am stressed. mostly i don't notice i am doing it until i pull to much and i'm either bleeding or the skin is so raw i am in pain for hours. on my fingers, i put bandaids on so that i can let it heal without picking at it further, but even after it heals, i find a small little piece of skin and the cycle continues.. on my lip, it only takes a second to pull the scab i created the day before and even though i obsessively keep chap stick on hand, i find it nearly impossible not to pick at the dry skin. i never realized that this might be some kind of ocd, i just thought it was a bad habit that my mom used to tell me to stop. i just starting googling the issue and found this site. does anyone have any tricks to help? thanks :)

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